Love legends in Xel-Há

Two borthers, one princess, a great love story

The legend of Chechen and Chacah

The jungle of the Caribbean is the best place for your vacation in Mexico, but it is also the perfect scenario for a Mayan legend. Here in Xel-Há is told a beautiful legend about two brothers, a princess and a great love.  Would you like to read the legend?




“There was a night of glistening stars and soft breeze; a new cycle of life, love, and hope began at Xel-Há. The gods watched from the cosmos over their prodigious Earth children, souls of noble and passionate youth that were to collide in this world and create a legend of eternal life.

The whispers of wind told that there once lived a princess of unworldly beauty, called Nicté-Ha. Nature had conceived the most beautiful of all her daughters; sweet eyes, mouth and smile; utter perfection, like her pristine dawn on a flower.

Not too far away, two warrior princes were born, brothers of identical strength of heart, and resonance of soul.

Kinich, the younger, of the two with eyes and faces as warm as the Sun, was a warrior beloved by all. As respected as he was just, like the balance of the sea and the serenity of a sunset. When the foam from the waves filled Nicté-Ha’s eyes like jewels, the heart of Kinich overflowed with love.




Tizic, the elder, was a fierce warrior, dark of gaze, born into wrath and feared by all souls in the known world. Birds flew form his presence and spirits fled when he was heard; for there he was fury in the flesh. Alas when the songs of dolphins were chanted by Nicté-Ha, her voice flowed into a melody of flowers and honey that melted the winter of hate and awakened love in Tizic’s soul.

But the god’s had long predicted that which was to come, and filled their heaven with dark clouds. In a whisper of time, the jungle and ocean shrieked at the presence of the fiercest battle of love.

Nicté-Ha, jewel to both brothers, condemned this hate of one blood, this unforgivable duel. The war was cruel… the sky cried, the world shattered; the moon hid its face for seven nights, until, at last, death did part the princes.

A long, holy solitude, then the gods and their silent wisdom, restored their injured spirits to serenity. On their knees they begged forgiveness, and asked the gods for one more chance at life, one more day in Xel-Há, one more breath of her hair, one last glimpse of their beloved princess. The gods accepted.




Tizic was reborn as the Chechem tree. With a soul black and powerful that still looms over Xel-Há, burning the skin of all those that venture near him. Kinich was reborn as the Chacaah tree; forever loving and watching over his princess from the perils of Tizic. Pure and soothing his soul lives on in Xel-Há, healing the agony of victims of the Chechem Tree.

And so the love of two brothers, two trees stand forever guarding their beautiful flower princes, with eyes like the sea, and voice like the spring, hoping to forever remain embraced in such a moment, in such a place, in such a love, in Xel-Há.”

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