The Trees in the Life of Pedro Ku

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Peter Ku and His Passion for Trees

Pedro Ku, from the department of Sustainable Development at Xel-Há, tells us the legend of Chechen and Chaca and more about his work at the Park. Pedro has been with the company for 16 years working with his passion: trees and the gardens that surround them and for him, the trees are life.




Why is it important to have sustainable development?


It’s important to always live in balance with nature so that future generations will have a chance to live in a healthy and preserved environment. We need to create a new vision, culture and education that recognizes that the future of humanity depends on our ability to live in balance and harmony with our natural world and preserve the natural resources for future generations.




What advice could you share with people to live sustainably?

    • Participate in environmental programs in your community.
    • Buy plants in established nurseries to prevent trade in our natural areas.
    • Always have plants from the region to maintain the vegetation of our community and in turn preserve the wildlife that inhabits it.
    • Contribute to the reforestation of parks in your community and create green areas.
    • Minimize the negative environmental impact. Create organic waste compost as a natural fertilizer.
    • Consume only the essential and generate less waste.
    • Watch the consumption of gas, water and electricity.
    • Finally, Pedro shares with us the legend of Chechen and Chaca and the importance of trees in the region.


The Legend of Chechen and Chaca



They say that there was a Mayan king called Chechen, who frightened all his subjects with his terrible crimes. The situation became so chaotic that one day, the people rebelled and took up arms against the evil monarch. Chechen was chased, cornered and finally killed in the heat of the revolt, but before he died he swore he would return to take revenge. He was buried in the middle of the jungle, leaving his body away from the people.

Months later, on his tomb began to spring the first leaves of a plant not known until then. The plant grew into a dark, strong and poisonous tree that soon began to spread like a plague throughout the jungle. Anyone who came into contact with the tree was burned by its poison. The malevolent king had managed to maintain his wickedness on Earth even after death, keeping his people frightened. The tree was named Chechen.




Sometime later, a beautiful Mayan princess called Chaca, with a reputation for caring and loving people, fell ill. After some time, she died. Desolate, her subjects decided to bury her body at the tomb of the feared Chechen for they believed her kindness would keep away the evil king. From her tomb, soon emerged another small tree, this with healing qualities. It was the Chaca. The Chaca tree quickly spread throughout the jungle at the same speed than the Chechen. Today, coincidentally or not, behind every Chechen there is always a Chaca.


How about you? How do you take care of the trees and the environment?