The Benefits of Walking in the Sand

Step by step: The Benefits of Walking in the Sand

Did you know a person at the end of his life will walk 150.000 kms?

This course is equivalent to four times the distance of the Earth ¡Incredible! To achieve this, we have to acknowledge the benefits of a mechanism that is essential in the human body.




Walking in the sand improves our emotional stability! It also reminds us a children’s play that begin with the simplest: the direct contact with the ground tickle the pleasure of feeling the sand in our body. Feel this experience in Xel- Há, water park in Cancun!

Should we think about it, as a meditation?


Consider these 5 fantastic benefits to our feet




  • Walking in the sand is a natural motion stimulates the functioning of various organs, especially the abdominal region. This allows you to tone up the entire nervous system that contains the body.
  • Feeling our feet in the sand allows us a complete sense of freedom. It’s like going back to our origins. It is a natural way to go!
  • Walking stimulates blood circulation, activating the important venous network of the feet
  • Thanks to the meridians found in our first chakra, we receive the magnetic energy of the earth. Your body will feel connected with all the natural energy of the earth!
  • Feet are home to smart biology architecture: they are home of a quarter of the bones, 40 muscles, 200 ligaments and most nerve endings!
  • Considering all these factors, we conclude that walking barefoot can be a good balance exercise. We recommend an old practice that dates from thousand years ago. It has been practiced by the Mayan culture and the Franciscans to take important spiritual decisions.



What other sensations awake in your body while walking in the sand?

What other activities in the sand do you remember when you were a kid?