Sea Turtles, Everything You Need To Know About Their Life Cycle

Baby turtles, juvenile, and adults

Discover everything about each cycle of them


Sea turtles are extraordinary. They have lived on Earth for many years and are an important part of the ecosystem in which they live. But how much do we know about them and their life cycle?

If you want to know a little more about this beautiful species, we invite you to continue reading this blog post. You will find beautiful photos of them taken around the world by different travelers, and also we tell you what they live in each life cycle.


The lifespan of a sea turtle can exceed 100 years. During all these years, the turtles carry out a process that is repeated generation after generation beginning always with the nesting, where the turtles that managed to overcome this process are ready to hatch and venture towards the sea.


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Once the turtles manage to hatch, they head straight for the sea. Although for humans it is only a few meters of travel for these baby turtles is an odyssey, because they have to evade not only their natural predators as they could be birds, lizards or other animals but also the same human beings.


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Regularly the small turtles go to the high seas where they swim for several days until they find the current that takes them to their new habitat to start a new cycle in their lives. It can take years and even up to a decade without returning to land.


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This cycle begins when after years of wandering the seas, the turtles move towards the feeding areas near the coasts.

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In these feeding areas is where they will finish their growth stage, which can take several years. It is at this moment where swimmers will probably be able to find them since they swim very close to the coasts, for which reason we must protect them and take care of them.


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Also at this cycle, the turtles begin to develop their sexual characteristics in preparation for the adulthood, where they will be ready to mate.




Having already developed everything necessary for its reproductive stage, both the males and the females migrate to mating areas and later the females will go to the nesting areas.


Even turtles feel compelled to stop and admire the beauty of @ladyelliotislandecoresort every now and then! Located in @Queensland’s @southerngreatbarrierreef, it’s currently nesting season for Green and Loggerhead turtles here and it usually lasts up until March. If you get up bright and early in the morning during this time, you might be lucky enough to see one of these majestic creatures shuffling along the beach to lay their eggs - a truly unforgettable sight to see. Photo: @funtraveltv #thisisqueensland #turtle #nature #greatbarrierreef #LadyElliotIsland
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To reach the mating area, the turtles have to migrate and swim several thousand kilometers. Once in these areas, the reproduction stage begins.



During reproduction, the female mates with a male so that he can fertilize the eggs. In several turtle species, multiple matings have been observed so there will be eggs from different fathers.




The reproduction period of the turtles has place annually during the summer season. The females, once they have finished the breeding period, travel to the coasts to begin the nesting process and thus start the cycle again.



Nesting concludes the life cycle of these incredible animals, which we must take care of and protect to prevent their extinction since apart from being such a unique species they are also essential in the regulation of our ecosystem.

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Everything You Need To Know About Their Life Cycle