How to reduce the use of plastic

Plastic is one of the primary pollutants of the Earth

Learn to reduce the use of plastic!

The Earth is ata critical point of which we are all responsibleEntire ecosystems are collapsing due to deforestationpollutionunsustainable fishingirresponsible waste management,and other activities of which the human being is 100% responsibleWith this loss of ecosystems comes the loss of animal speciesscientists already call it the sixth biggest extinction, and it is the only one of which the human being is entirely guilty 

There is much we can do to benefit the environment and be more responsible for our environmental footprintfor now, I will focus on the use of plasticThis material became a real problem when industrialization and mass production found it and learned its affordable cost, so it quickly became a favorite raw material for large producers of many specific and everyday use products 

How to reduce the use of plastic


However, it did not matter much how unfriendly it is with the environment, because a bottle reintegrates into the atmosphere, at least in 700 years. Studies claim that since the ’50s, there have been more than 9.1 billion tons of plastic that become a threat to any ecosystem on the planet.

The most visible affectation are the waste islands, mostly plastic, which exist in the ocean and that pollute the waters and annihilate species through which they move. It is estimated that about 1 million birds and more than 100,000 turtles die each year from ingesting plastic waste. Also, during the manufacturing phase, chemicals are used that pollute the air and, when thrown on land or water, will cause disintegration that leaves traces that will take up to 1,000 years to be erased.

As you can see, we must do something to reduce our consumption of plastic. It is written and read very easy, but it’s easier said than done. Many of the things you use commonly use plastic or are entirely made of it. Make it a reflection exercise and think, how much plastic do you use daily? The amount is overwhelming, but here I will try to give you some tips to decrease your plastic waste.


1- Straw, no thanks

It is not one of the primary pollutants, but not using them does help a lot. This plastic is used only once for an average of 20 minutes and stays in the environment for more than 700 years. Think about it; you do not need it.


How to reduce the use of plastic



2- Plastic bags, no

It is estimated that more than one million plastic bags are used every minute, and each of them takes up to 1000 years to disintegrate entirely. The solution is recyclable cloth bags that, while they may have pollutant particles, they can be given a better use for much longer and are more friendly to the environment.


3- More cardboard and glass, please

Many of the products you consume, such as soap, milk, fabric softeners, and more household products have presentations distributed in cardboard or glass. Choose them; they are easier to recycle and take longer to disintegrate completely.


How to reduce the use of plastic



4- Homemade compost 

One of the main reasons to use plastic bags is household waste; it is an excellent way to recycle containers, however, a unique way to avoid the residue that they generate is to create a homemade compost to create your garden. In this way, you will save a little, and you will help the environment a lot.


Cómo reducir el uso del plástico

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5- Be more aware 

In general, you will always find alternatives to stop using it and be more environmentally friendly, but if you are not aware of your use of plastic, you will not be able to stop using it and look for these alternatives.


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There are many ways to be more responsible for our environmental footprint; one of the most important is to reduce the use of plastic. Being more conscious of this use, will better the environment by choosing the correct actions. Soon you will notice significant changes.


Do you know another way to reduce the use of plastic? Write it in the comments!

How to reduce the use of plastic