Finding Xel-Há’s adventurous side

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Thrill, adventure, fun and adrenaline

In life, like in vacations, it is important to find the perfect balance to enjoy our moments to their fullest. If you had to choose from these options during your vacation and down time, which would you choose? Relax? Venture into new places? Connect with nature? Feed your adventurous soul? Well, in life, like in vacation, it’s nice to know you can have your cake and eat it too.




Xel-Há is not just a pretty face. Our little corner of heaven goes beyond a tranquil day floating on the lazy river and admiring the blue hues of the inlet. On your visit, you will have to live up to the challenges, dig up your courage, stomp on your fears and feel the adrenaline running through your veins… and in more than one activity.

See the 7 activities that will make your day in the Natural Wonder one of unlimited fun and adventure.


1. Salpichanga


Did someone say zipline with a waterlanding?

You will have to choose whether you want to get there sitting down or trust your hefty arms and hold on tight to enjoy this activity. When you’re ready, just let go to land in a refreshing splash. The Salpichanga is guaranteed fun and recommended for all fun-loving souls, no age limit.


2. Stone of Courage


The Stone of Courage is one of the most extreme activities in Xel-Há, famous for stripping people from their fear of heights. The adrenaline rush begins when you reach the edge of the 5 meter high rock and you look down to see the crystal clear water, take a few steps back to grab some inertia and just jump! Do you dare?


3. Climbing Rock


Did you love the rush of the Stone of courage so much that you want to do it again? The Climbing Rock is only for the strong and brave. Through grooves and ropes, those jumping enthusiast can ascend in this exciting dare to be filled with the thrill of jumping from the Stone of Courage again.


4. Trepachanga


There are two types of people in the world, the ones that cross the Trepachanga and those that don’t. To be able to complete this dare, you must gather all your balance, flexibility, coordination, force and resistance to avoid falling into the water. This activity is one of the oldest and simplest in the park, but that does not make it an easy one.


5. Journey through Huh’s Land


It is likely that when you were a kid, you loved riding a bike, but now as an adult your daily routine might not allow you to enjoy this simple pleasure of life. In Xel-Há, not only do you have the opportunity to relive this joyous activity but you have the added difficulty of dodging trees along the way. The Land of Huh is a jungle trail for those adventurous who choose to take a different and unconventional route to the beginning of the river.


6. Flight of Chuck Kay


Feel the liberty of flying on a liana to land on the fresh waters of a cenote. The Flight of Chuck Kay is one of Xel-Há’s best kept secrets discovered only by those that are curious enough to enter the jungle trails. It is probable that you will not be able to jump like in the video but after your second or third attempt you will feel like Tarzan in the Natural Wonder.


7. Floating Bridge 


In the words of one of Xel-Há’s visitor “I felt a little tipsy even without a drop of alcohol.” The Floating Bridge is an ingenious combination between nature and engineering; it is built by interconnected floating sections, links on the water separating the inlet from the open Caribbean Sea. The fun here is that when the current and the wind get stronger, crossing the bridge becomes more challenging… and fun!


Tell us, what other adventures did you find in Xel-Há?