The Magic of Nature in the Riviera Maya

Connecting with Nature

Ecological Tours in Xel-Há

Something that few people know about Xel-Há Park is that besides having aquatic and recreational activities, the eco Park also offers guided ecological tours with bilingual professionals that help our guests understand more about nature and get a sense of connection with Mother Nature and ancient Mayan traditions. These tours are included in the entrance fee.




The different tours include:

    • Secrets of the Jungle
    • Traditions and Legends of Mayab
    • Meeting the Manatees

In the Secrets of the Jungle tour you will be able to see more of the flora and fauna that inhabits the jungle of the region, as well as see different cavern formations and fossils that date back thousands of years, as well as the Dorado grotto, cenotes and rivers. You will also have a chance to learn about the different species of trees such as the chacah and the tree from where gum comes. The tour takes approximately an hour and it is offered in Spanish and English.




At the Traditions and Legends of the Mayab tour, you will learn the interesting way the Mayan ancestors practiced sustainable development. You will also learn about the cosmic vision of the Mayan through the sacred tree of “La Ceiba”, learn about the peculiar form of abstracting honey at the “Meliponary”, take a tour to the altar of the Talking Cross and visit a Mayan palapa. The tour lasts 40 minutes and it’s offered in Spanish and English.




Last but not least is Meeting the Manatees tour. The tour begins at the inlet, where the manatees live. You will also learn more about the “Melipona” bee, and discover the importance of the mangroves. Undoubtedly it is an unforgettable encounter that no one should miss. It lasts 40 minutes and it’s offered in Spanish and English.




These activities will allow visitors to connect with nature and Mayan traditions and teach them how to value and care for our environment in an interesting way.


Which tour would you be more interested in taking?