Xel-Há: Celebrating the Earth all Year

Conservation, Protection and Restoration

Earth Day in Xel-Há

In this majestic Ecological Park in the Riviera Maya, where visitors can enjoy nature and observe species in their natural habitat, guests can also observe the continuous care we give our ecosystems not only for Earth Day, but throughout the year.




Since its opening in 1994, Xel-Há has had a great impact on the conservation, protection and restoration of the geographical area in which it is located and in surrounding communities implementing the following actions:

1. Re-population and conservation
2. Protection and restoration
3. Monitoring of flora and fauna

a) Protection and Preservation of the Marine Turtle
b) Protection and Preservation of the Queen Conch

4. Creating Environmental Education Programs

a) Environmental Training for teachers
b) Eco Tours (Guided Tours)
c) Melipona Bee Ceremony

5. Integrated Solid Waste Management

a) Production of Compost (soil fertilizer)
b) Separation and recycling
c) Elimination of maps

6. Integrated Water Management System

a) Water heaters
b) Reduction of greenhouse gases




As part of the Earth Day celebration, visitors were offered sample bags of compost and the monthly yoga session at the Park commemorated this important date. We also work year-round to serve our community, be an example for other companies and invite them to adopt sustainable and social responsibility business solutions.

Based on these measures, Xel-Há is characterized by taking environmentally conscious actions so that visitors and staff go beyond the Park and take this culture home to educate family and friends with a new generation of respect and love for our Earth.




To learn more about the sustainability and protection done by Xel-Há Park, we recommend visiting www.xelharse.com and following us on Twitter and Facebook.

What do you propose to care for the land from your community?