Cesar Millán, “The Dog whisperer” visits Xel-Há, Riviera Maya

Traveling with The Dog Whisperer

Visiting Xel-Há with Cesar Millán

Having a dog at home is not as easy as it seems. You must teach it some rules, share small spaces with it, understand what it is asking to you… it is a big challenge, but the reward is to have a noble and faithful friend close to you. That’s why for many people Cesar Millán’s advice is so valuable. He is the dog whisperer and he visited Xel-Há in the Riviera Maya. Do you want to know what did he do on his visit?




Even though Cesar lives in the USA, Millán was born in Sinaloa, México. He was very glad to visit this country and taste its delicious food. So he went to the restaurant La Cocina, to enjoy all the Mexican flavors at Xel-Há.

Our special visitor visited the Garden of Chacahs and planted his tree. He did it as a real expert, as he himself took over the plant on his ranch in Los Angeles. He left us this beautiful phrase to accompany his photo and the small chacah tree:

“I grew up listening my grandfather’s words: ‘Never work against nature’ and now I’m “The Dog Whisperer”





Along with his girlfriend Yahira, Cesar Millán enjoyed a fun ride down the Xel-Há’s river and inlet. They didn’t miss the chance to swim into the turquoise waters of this natural wonder. Millán and Yahira also met the archaeological site of Tulum, close to Xel-Há. Wherever he went he was recognized by tourists of different nationalities who follow his tv program about dog training.





Always interested in animal training, Millán swam with the dolphins at Xel-Há and had an interesting chat with the dolphin trainers about the art of understand animals. One of the dolphins which Millán swam with was called Yaaj –love in Mayan language- and he decided to put this name to a dog he recently found in Spain.

From here we send a heartfelt hug to Cesar Millán, the “Dog Whisperer”, whose work shows us how important it is to maintain a dialogue with the species that share our lives and our environment. Thanks for visiting Xel-Há!


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