Welcome to Cancun: the best views from the plane

Admire Cancun’s sea in all its splendor

The blue Mexican Caribbean

What you will remember the most of your visit to Cancun will be the vibrant blue colors of the sea; more than the feeling of the sand on your feet, the taste of the food delights, and activities that you will do, what will always stay in your heart will be the blue shade of the sea.


cancun - plane view

Photo by All About Playa


When traveling to Cancun, be sure to travel by day and at the window, we’ll show you why.


cancun - plane view

Photo by PabloK75


From the moment the plane starts to fly over Cancun, a unique view will be revealed.


cancun - plane view

Photo by Bruno Laplante


Whether it is a cloudy day or the sky is clear, the scenery is wonderful: the Caribbean Sea is not shy and  will give you a majestic welcome.


cancun - plane view

Photo by Wendy Perrin


You will see ocean waves, huge lagoons, abundant green jungle, clouds with hypnotizing forms, and the coasts that will be your home for the next days.


cancun - plane view

Photo by Juan Pablo Esandi


All you will be thinking about as you admire this Mexican landscape is in how many shades of blue can you identify between the sky and the sea.


cancun - plane view

Photo by Marc-André Mireault


You will see that the myths you had heard about this corner of Mexico are real: the blue sea of Cancun is the most beautiful in the world.


cancun - plane view

Photo by Panoramio


You will know that whatever expects you when getting off the plane you will be an adventure you will remember forever; you will strongly start to count the minutes forward to the time when you can finally stand in front of this majestic sea.


cancun - plane view

Photo by Peter Rood


You will begin to wonder if this is the nicest thing you’ve seen in your life; you will confirm that it was a good decision to travel to the Mexican Caribbean: it’s just what you needed.


cancun - plane view

Photo by Picture Ninja


You will feel grateful for so much natural beauty, and begin to have a strong urge to travel and see what else is out there in the world to discover.


cancun - plane view

Photo by Xenophin Lategan


And with these beautiful views, Cancun will you receive expecting to leave a mark in your heart.